CTD Series Three Column Bag Lifting Discharge Oil Centrifuge Separation Machine

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CTD Series Three Column Bag Lifting Discharge Oil Centrifuge Separation Machine CTD series is a tripod upper unloading hanging bag centrifuge operated in interval. This series centrifuge has the advantages of simple structure, reliable performance, convenient operation and maintenance. The filtering time can be optionally controlled, filter residue can be completely washed, solid particles is not easy to be damaged. It is fast and labor-saving to unload materials and convenient to wash the filter bag. This product is commonly used in chemistry, food, light industry, papermaking, mining, environmental protection and other departments and is a good alternative of SS series centrifuge. Hanging bag type centrifuge unload materials by hanging the materials out together with the filter bag by using lifting equipment, this greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves the work efficiency. 1.Materials: the parts contacted with the material may be common stainless steel, special stainless steel, carbon steel, plastic and titanium alloy etc.. In general, the default for 304 stainless steel. 2.Drive mode: ordinary motor or explosion-proof motor has clutch drive, electromagnetic speed-adjustable motor drive, variable frequency drive for common motor explosion-proof motor. In recent years, frequency converter is widely used in centrifuge industry, its advantage lies in: energy saving, the saved electric charge can pay for one frequency converter after one or two years; the resistance brake realizes recycle of energy, clean and without dust pollution; the motor can be effectively protected, and the current can be avoided to be too large. 3.Brake mode: mechanical or electrical brake, mechanical brake refers to the friction brake, i.e., manual brake; electric brake refers to resistance brake, i.e., the frequency conversion resistance of the brake. 4.Base type: basis or non-basis, the difference between which lays in that the weight of the base is increased and the stability is improved without casting workshops when there is basis, which is applicable for workshop where it is inconvenient for casting. Non-basis is divided into non-basis of iron and non-basis of iron plate with reinforced concrete cover on the surface thereof, which can be selected by customers according to the actual circumstance in workshop.
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Jiulongpo District , Chongqing, Sichuan China 400000

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